Registration and X-rays
At your first dental appointment, our receptionist will register you with our practice and if you have insurance they will call and get a listing of what your insurance company covers. However, keep in mind you do not need insurance to be seen at our office. After registration, a professional trained dental assistant will take a full mouth series of X-rays of your mouth. If you have recently had this done, you are welcome to bring a copy of the X-rays with you, however, there is always a chance that we may need to retake some or all of the X-rays.

Intra-Oral Pictures
Our latest technologies allows us to take close up pictures of any suspicious areas on your teeth so that your doctor may use as an aid in showing you any issues found.

First, the Doctor will address any concerns and questions that you may have and review your medical history with you. Then your Doctor will perform a thorough and comprehensive oral examination. This visit is designed to identify any potential or existing dental problems, educate you and then devise a complete treatment plan to bring you back to health or to maintain your current health.

Treatment Options
After a full and thorough evaluation, the Doctor will formulate a treatment plan based on your needs. If restorative treatment is unnecessary, we will schedule you for your healthy mouth cleaning. If any treatment is prescribed by your doctor, a treatment coordinator will thoroughly educate and answer any questions that you may have. We will be with you to guide you step by step, throughout the entire process. This includes discussing your insurance benefits and arranging any payment plans necessary.

Your Next Visit
Any teeth cleaning visits are typically scheduled for the second visit. There are different levels of teeth cleanings that your doctor will discuss with you at your initial examination. Your next visit can be scheduled often as soon as the next day, sometimes even on the same day if opening’s become available.​​

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