Jen’s Wisdom

Some people think that only children can get cavities, but actually, teeth are at risk your entire life. It is important to have a dental checkup at least once per year, so that the dental professionals can help to find potential problems BEFORE you feel them.
Some patients are afraid to come to the dentist. Don’t worry; dental anxiety is a common reaction for many people regarding dental treatment. Common fears are regarding how much it will cost, how it may hurt, and being embarrassed to have someone look in your mouth. We can help you with all of that. At Modern Dental Care YOU tell US what your dental goals are, and we can customize the treatment to fit your budget. Here , we can offer sedation options, and payment plans. We also work with you to help keep your teeth and gums healthy for the lifetime ahead. Sometimes, people are pleasantly surprised to find that they CAN easily have the smile of their dreams. Jen Davila Hygienist

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