The Top Choice for Missing Teeth—Dental Implants

“Reliable technology and methods have made dental implants the first choice for replacing missing teeth,” says Dr. Mitra Campbell of Tampa, Florida—owner of Modern Day Dental Care on Armenia Avenue. “The long term success of dental implants has been clearly demonstrated and so many implants have been placed that most people know someone with them, even if they are not fully familiar with their advantages. In my practice, financing is enabling many more patients to regain a confident smile and full chewing function. I want to get the word out about their advantages.”

An implant is a pin placed in the jawbone onto which a prosthetic tooth is attached. The implant and prosthetic tooth can be comfortably placed, and with proper care, they will last a lifetime. If you are missing more than one tooth next to each other, a dental bridge can be anchored on an implant. Full dentures can also be supported on implants, fixing them in place and providing stability.

Dental implants have significant advantages, over bridges and removable dentures. When a tooth is lost, the bone around the missing root is weakened. A dental implant stimulates the bone and preserves it, supporting your facial structure. Replacing the missing root also stops adjacent teeth from drifting into the gap, ruining your upper and lower teeth alignment. Because implant supported prosthetic teeth, bridges and dentures are fixed in place, you can eat all the foods you enjoy and speak without concern for a bridge or denture slipping. Unlike bridges and dentures, dental implants almost always last a lifetime.

“I welcome Tampa area residents to schedule time with me in my Armenia Avenue office to talk about whether a dental implant or implants are right for them,” says Dr. Campbell. “They just need to call Modern Dental Care of Tampa Bay, Florida, at 813-321-3263, to schedule a free consultation.”

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