Whole Mouth Restoration

Modern Dental Care of Tampa, FL, creates beautiful, healthy smiles.

When you need lots of dentistry, you want an expert who can solve complex problems…one who can save and restore your teeth with dentistry that will last…and give you the comfort and attractive appearance you want and need to live your life with confidence. You also realize you are going to spend some time in the dental office and you want to feel at home there. You want the professional team that takes care of you and also cares about you.

The bottom line is that you want to be healthy and attractive. You want to like the smile you see in the mirror every day. You want go about your day, every day pain-free with maximum comfort. And, you want to minimize the cost and other discomfort of accomplishing these goals.

Many times patients come to us with multiple problems including painful diseased teeth, missing teeth, tooth discoloration, red and puffy gums, crooked teeth, and painful jaw muscles. We welcome these patients, not just patients coming for a teeth cleaning and a checkup. In fact, we really enjoy restoring mouths with problems to pristine, beautiful condition.

We will provide a well thought out treatment plan that addresses the most urgent problems first to stop disease and provide comfort. Then, we will address the restoration of your whole mouth to optimal function and beauty.

“But how can I afford this you ask?”

Our fees are more affordable than the average. By working together, maximizing any insurance you may have, and financing, we can achieve the desired results in phases or even quickly get it done.

Although we work hard to keep our overhead costs down and office efficient so our fees are affordable, this does not mean we cut corners when it comes to quality care. At Modern Dental Care of Tampa, our doctors use the best materials and methods for our patients. For example, we use white composite fillings and porcelain crowns to restore diseased and damaged teeth. This ensures optimal natural beauty when you smile and provides predictably long-lasting results. Because most patients want the advantages of a dental implant, we replace a lot of missing teeth with this latest technology.

All of our procedures are achieved with optimal comfort because we are experts in pain-free and sedation dentistry. We also have the training and experience to provide many specialty services. Providing so many services in our one convenient location saves you time and money—and allows you always to be cared for by a dental team you know and trust.

At Modern Dental Care of Tampa we offer a large range of general dentistry and specialty services:

Cleanings and Gum Treatment






Root Canals

Laser Dentistry

Dental Implants


Invisalign Clear Braces

Porcelain Veneers

Teeth Whitening


The sense of accomplishment we have every time we end someone’s pain, save a tooth, or give them a vibrant new smile makes us happy. We love seeing the joy in our patients’ faces that comes about when problems are solved and they regain confidence in the health, function and appearance of their mouth. So, if you have multiple problems, even complex problems, don’t be embarrassed or fearful. Come see us on Armenia Avenue in Tampa, Florida.

We always welcome walk-ins. No insurance is necessary, and we provide finance and payment plans for our patients. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. A first consultation or second opinion appointment is free.

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